Mobility Secrets Exposed Bundle | Course + 5 Mobility Essentials

2 Hour Online CE Credit for Chiropractors (TX)

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In this COURSE BUNDLE, you will not only receive the online course that is good for 2 hours of CE credit... You'll also receive 5 separate bonuses shipped to your front door! These aren't "required" but they are definitely recommended to try the 40 different protocols out for yourself, and then eventually show your patients! No-brainer' right?

Here's what you get with this COURSE BUNDLE option:

  1. A 5-Star rated Amazon book: "Mobility: A Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Musculoskeletal Pain Yourself" which is written by the author of this course, Dr. Nick Chretien!
  2. A customized Lacrosse Ball with the Mobility Course Online logo!
  3. A Foam Roller (with PVC core, soft foam outside) from WODFitters!
  4. A Mobility Band from WODFitters (to help mobilize tough places like the dense hip capsule).
  5. VooDoo Floss (2 rolls) from WODFitters (to get knots very quickly out of the extremities).

Plus, you don't need to worry about how it's going to get to your door. 💥💥 FREE SHIPPING! 💥💥

Your 5 bundled course essentials will be sent after you fill out the address form upon registration. You will also immediately receive tracking information in your email.

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Mobility Secrets Exposed Course Description :)

Myofascial pain is thought to be the cause of over 90% of pain we feel. Learn how to diagnose where myofascial pain is originating from by reviewing: 1) functional anatomy, 2) functional testing, and 3) trigger point charts for 21 separate muscles that are commonly injured.

This unique course also teaches how to self-mobilize myofascial pain in these muscles using common items like mobility bands, lacrosse balls, foam rollers and voodoo floss.

This course is ideally suited if you have clients who work hard or train hard with their bodies, due to its wide application in treating overuse injuries.

Learn Advanced Concepts Quickly With Superiorly Designed Content!

The problem with most content out there is that it isn't made to be easily-absorbed in video format. This material has been highly edited to be quickly digestible for quick learning. Just check out the special inset-video menu...

...You can see how this simple menu makes it super-easy to play through the video without having to pause and go back to remember what you just heard. Superior Learning! :)

Your Instructor Wrote the Book on Mobility... 😂

"Mobility: A Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Musculoskeletal Pain Yourself"

This book is all yours with purchase too!

Rated 5-Stars on Amazon, this 180 page book will ensure that you retain this information for years to come!

It works as a complement to the course, so use it to find more in-depth information. With over 300 high-resolution images, it should serve as a great reference for your office.

Simply claim all of your bonuses by entering your address after purchase! :)

An amazing resource for health care professionals. This course references many of the most respected physical therapy research publications, text books, and practitioners of physical medicine. Dr. Chretien was able to explain complicated musculoskeletal problems and solutions in a concise way. I highly recommend this course!

- Dr. Amy Kirsch, Chiropractor


Your Instructor

Dr. Nick Chretien DC
Dr. Nick Chretien DC

Dr. Nick combines his unique experience opening a chiropractic practice inside of a CrossFit® gym with his intensive training as a manual therapist to bring people the tools they need to fix problems that come with active lifestyles.

His success in practice is owed to his full-body certification in Active Release Techniques®—the most effective soft tissue management system available.

He has been voted the #1 Chiropractor in Galveston County for the last two years in a row.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive continuing education credit?
It's rather simple. First make sure you enter your license info on the form once you log in. Then, just watch all of the videos and answer the quizzes attached to each Module. No need to email me after that; I will automatically get notified. Then, I will send over your completed hours to your board :)
How do I receive my bundled 5 bonus essentials? (book, roller, ball, band, voodoo floss)
Simply fill out the form you will see once you complete your purchase and log in. That's literally it. It'll be fulfilled using Amazon's automatic fufillment system, so you should get it pretty quick.
Do you give a TCA discount?
Yes, TCA members receive a 20% discount. Simply email me at [email protected] and I will verify your enrollment, then give you a coupon code to use :)


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